1. Many big customers:
      Foxconn, Konka, BenQ, Button, Huawei

      Our company specializing in the production of automatic locking screw machine, automatic dispensing machine, product performance and stability, environmental protection and energy saving.


      Automatic dispenser More

      Automatic soldering machine More

      Automatic locking screw machine More

      Focus professional innovation

               Fine for a long time automation is a professional automation equipment manufacturers

               Relying on quality, to serve as the guarantee, to talent as the foundation

               Set of equipment research and development, production, sales and servicein one of the high-tech enterprises

      Service efficient and pragmatic

      The company has a strong business ability, professional ethics, good service awareness of the service team, to provide customers with quality services, efficient and pragmatic work to meet the needs of customers.

      Timely shipments moving services

      Companies operating for many years, has a wealth of experience and perfect service, the company in the "sincere, enthusiastic, attentive" service purposes, "timely delivery, moving service" is our commitment to customers.

      Corporate integrity trustworthy

      Over the years, the company in good faith, and win-win service concept, and build a good relationship with customers, the establishment of a long-term and stable marketing system.

      Excellent technical quality assurance

      Division I passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, GP certification, ROHS certification, QS certification, UI certification. Use wisdom to do products, intentions to do service.

      Intelligent control handy

      Now the application of automation equipment has been in all walks of life, the use of automation equipment to improve production capacity, efficiency, saving manpower is an important trend of enterprise development. Fine long professional for various industries to provide efficient automation equipment application solutions.

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      Company Profile

      Dongguan Jing Long automation equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, is located in the world factory in Dongguan, company is located in Yantian Fenggang AON industrial city, is a collection research and development, production, sales, service as one of the field of electronic manufacturing automation equipment manufacturers. The company is specialized in the production of automatic locking screw machine, automatic glue machine, automatic soldering machine, online automation equipment and non-standard automation equipment, product performance and stability, environmental protection and energy saving.

      The company since its establishment, we always adhere to: to customers as the center, with the goal of enterprise development and staff development, the efforts of pioneering and innovative, and constantly improve the level of technology and management, give full play to the team spirit, pragmatic and efficient work to meet customer demand. Pay attention to talent, open up innovation...

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